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CANOO App - Mockup

Graphic Design / Develop

Design Notes:

This mockup project was something I am still slowly working on. If you havent heard, CANOO is a new, up-and-coming electric vehicle company. I encourage you to google them becuase I think you'd agree their vehicles, and the technology powering them is incredible. One of the neatest things with their vehicles is that there are no screens in the vehicles. The company is using the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), meaning you bring your phone, or tablet and attach it to the proper mount on the dash. The driver opens the Canoo app and that's where they view speed, range and other important info. I decided to build a mockup of their app since there are hardly any images or videos of it online yet. I certainly don't have a lot of it

Demo → Demo On Mobile Only

Front-End Development:
- Html
- JS
- Laravel
- Extensive work using Shopify
- Experience using Squarespace
- Responsive Web Design
- Rapid Bug Fixes

UX Design:
- Research
- Writing
- Wireframing
- Design
- Prototyping
- User Centered Research, Design, Testing
- Experience using Figma & Adobe Xd

- Social Ad Campaigns
- Mailchimp Campaigns
- Photography
- Graphic Designs

- Music Producing / Songwriting
- Digital Photography & Cinematography
- Hardcore Tennis Player
Raleigh Golf Carts:
Developer & Marketing Lead
Part-Time : 2020 - Present

Designed & developed a modern, user focused website while using graphic design skills to create high quality ads used in the company's various marketing campaigns across their social media profiles.

- Social Media Ad Campaigns
- Web Design & Development
- Photography & Graphic Design

Custom Quality Covers:
Director Of Sales Marketing & CX Lead, Intern
Part-Time : 2020 - Present

Selected to lead the sales marketing & customer experience for CQC, using and increasing my knowledge of Mailchimp email campaigns, website development and maintenance of a Shopify and Squarespace site, as well enhancing their social media presence.

- Mailchimp Email Ad Campaigns
- Web Development and Maintenance with Shopify and Squarespace
- Social Media Ad Campaigns

Harvard CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science

Goldsmith's, University of London - Mathematics for Computer Science

Google Professional Certificate - UX Design