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Front-End Development:
- Html
- JS
- Laravel
- Extensive work using Shopify
- Experience using Squarespace
- Responsive Web Design
- Rapid Bug Fixes

UX Design:
- Research
- Writing
- Wireframing
- Design
- Prototyping
- User Centered Research, Design, Testing
- Experience using Figma & Adobe Xd

- Social Ad Campaigns
- Mailchimp Campaigns
- Photography
- Graphic Designs

- Music Producing / Songwriting
- Digital Photography & Cinematography
- Hardcore Tennis Player
Raleigh Golf Carts:
Developer & Marketing Lead
Part-Time : 2020 - Present

Designed & developed a modern, user focused website while using graphic design skills to create high quality ads used in the company's various marketing campaigns across their social media profiles.

- Social Media Ad Campaigns
- Web Design & Development
- Photography & Graphic Design

Custom Quality Covers:
Director Of Sales Marketing & CX Lead, Intern
Part-Time : 2020 - Present

Selected to lead the sales marketing & customer experience for CQC, using and increasing my knowledge of Mailchimp email campaigns, website development and maintenance of a Shopify and Squarespace site, as well enhancing their social media presence.

- Mailchimp Email Ad Campaigns
- Web Development and Maintenance with Shopify and Squarespace
- Social Media Ad Campaigns

Harvard CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science

Goldsmith's, University of London - Mathematics for Computer Science

Google Professional Certificate - UX Design

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