About Matthew Marquise

📍 Raleigh, NC
 Founder of Careers NC (I'm also Open To Work)

Hello there! 👋 I'm Matthew, a 21 year old experienced digital product designer and full-stack developer, focused on creating products that better the lives of those who use them.

I'm skilled in using color palettes, typography, design systems, and visual hierarchy to create products and graphics that not only look great but also prioritize the user experience. What sets me apart is my understanding of the technical side of things, thanks to my experience as a front-end developer. I know how to bridge the gap between design and development, ensuring products come to life seamlessly.

My Approach to Design and Development

I kick things off by empathizing with users to deeply understand their problems. I conduct thorough research on existing solutions, and then I get creative, brainstorming innovative alternatives. As I design, I consider the technical requirements of a project, ensuring that what's created is not just visually appealing, but also practical to implement. It's a holistic approach that keeps designs user-centric and development-friendly.

My Journey

From a young age, I've been captivated by technology. I'm not super old, but when I was born, technology like touchscreens, self-driving cars, video calls, and VR/AR experiences were far from a common thought. However, as technology became more accessible, my fascination with it led me to explore it further. I didn't just want to understand how apps and websites worked; I aspired to create them. Encouraged by relatives who are software engineers, I ventured into coding and user experience design, taking courses from Harvard University, Google, Goldsmiths University of London, and more. Whether it's designing logos, organizing marketing campaigns, or developing responsive websites and software, I truly enjoy the process of research, design, development, and testing.

When I'm Not Designing or Coding

I enjoy playing tennis, participating in and attending design events and hackathons, making/eating pizza and other italian foods, photography and videography, watching movies (while trying to figure out how each scene was made), and occasionally playing video games.


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