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UX Y'all Conference 2023

Web, Print, & Marketing Designer, Feb 2023 - Present. I am proud to be part of an exceptional team of volunteer designers dedicated to creating the UX Y'all 2023 conference experience. My role involves designing web pages, crafting eye-catching social graphics, and creating visually appealing printed materials, including event signage and various on-site assets.

Careers NC

Founder, May 2022 - Present. Careers NC is the parent company of RDU Careers and CLT Careers.

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Island Property

Lead Web Designer & Developer, Jul 2021 - Present. Designed and developed a modern, minimalistic website for Island Property, a real estate and vacation rental agency on Islesboro, Maine. Used Wix’s EditorX and database management tools to design and develop a user-centered interface.

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CNC File Designer & Machine Operator, Apr 2022 - Jul 2023. In this role, I was responsible for designing files for CNC machines using special CAM CAD software, and I also managed the operation of the CNC machines.

Customer Experience and Marketing Intern, Aug 2020 - Dec 2021. Selected to lead the sales marketing & customer experience (CX) for CQC, utilizing and increasing my knowledge of Mailchimp email campaigns and website development/maintenance with Shopify and Squarespace sites and DNS and CDN management. Enhanced their online presence by scaling social media content and conducting SEO keyword research by analyzing the target audience.

UX Y'all Conference 2022

Web, Print, & Marketing Designer, Apr 2022 - Sept 2022.Worked with other volunteer designers to create swag, marketing content, and other exciting things for the 2022 UX Y’all conference.

Raleigh Golf Carts

Developer & Marketing Lead, Dec 2020 - Apr 2021. Designed & developed a modern, user-centered website while using graphic design skills to create high quality ads used in the company's various marketing campaigns across their social media profiles.

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